Rock What You Got - Turn a Skirt into a Dress

by StyleHaul

Turn your not-so-used skirt into a glamorous party dress! With the right Skirt and style,  you will have an entirely new skirt to wear to a special event. Nice and Cheap huh?!

Fashion Talk: Winterise your Little Black Dress

We consider our Little Black Dresses our go-to staple whenever an event just popped out of nowhere. But when winter strikes, we often doubt if wearing it can be inappropriate for the weather. Here’s our say.. Any piece of garment can be winter ready and the secret to that is LAYERING. Read on, you’ll learn more!

Winterise your Little Black dress with Tights


It wouldn’t be called ‘Little’ if its length is beyond your knees and wearing it without anything under it will leave you freezing from the winter wind. The solution? Tights! Wear a pair of patterned tights to give some spice and warmth to your little black dress. 

Winterise your Little Black Dress with a winter coat


Dressing up for an evening event can be stressful, and winter adds more challenge to it. Tip: If your Little Black Dress won’t help you stand the weather, don your winter coat and remove it once you’re inside the venue.

Winterise your Little Black Dress with Knee high Boots

Knee High Boots

Go all funky and wear some Knee high boots with your little black dress. It’ll make your feet warm and toasty while keeping you fashionably chic. Wear this look for a day out to the park, hangout with your girlfriends or just a casual day with your family. You can even wear this to a rock concert! :)

Now your Little Black Dress will be your all-season staple!

Its Time for Another Girl Talk thus We Bring You… THE PAIRING GAME
Scarf & Gloves
Don’t know what to pair your leopard Print gloves (like this Agent Provocateur Leopard Print Calf Hair Driving Gloves on the photo above)? Grab a neutral colored cashmere scarf (I bet you noticed that we have the Loro Piana Cashmere Scarf paired with the gloves) and you’re good to go! When in doubt, look for a scarf with the shade closest to the neutral colours found on your gloves. That should do the trick! If you notice that’s what we did on the photo above. Nice huh? 
Black & White

Pairing Black and White is a No-Brainer! With the right choice of pieces, you’ll go from clashing to definitely stunning. Tip: If one item (Like the L’Agence Rachelle Lace Overlay Pencil Skirt that we have on the photo above) is already bold, patterned or vibrant in color or style, it’s best to go plain on your next key item (look at that Enza Costa Gauze Voile and Rib Tank, awesome right?).

Beanie & Coat

Coats are a must-have item for winter: They keep you warm, comfy and absolutely fashionable. But have you tried pairing them up with a knit beanie ? If you haven’t its the perfect time to do so! Beanies are great to downplay your coat in a playful level. We’re talking about some jazz! Here’s how we’ll do it, with the Ella Long Line Coat we’ll top it off with the Nixon Right Back II Beanie bone
SET SAIL and PAIR UP your winter staples with fashionable accent pieces.